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About Stamp Market Index

Stamp Market Index is a wholly owned, independent subsidiary of NobleSpirit and is powered by an exclusive agreement between eBay and NobleSpirit to provide a first of its kind tool and resource, with data never before available.

Stamp Market Index is purposed with a mission to supply collectors, investors, and dealers with detailed historical prices realized essential to making informed buying decisions, identifying trends, and to establish meaningful retail sale price parameters. Users may register freely under no obligation to access information from specific issues to entire categories.

eBay is home to a vast array of established reputable top of mind brand name merchants and dealers in virtually every category. In stamps, Stamp Market Index is committed to equal unfettered access to all of their historical sale price results and all of their comparable live listings with each and every registered user search.

Stamp Market Index
About NobleSpirit

50 years in the business of coins and stamps at your service NobleSpirit is a major wholesale supplier of coins, stamps, and paper money to dealers throughout the world. We sell stamp and coin collections, as well as hundreds of premium individual, certified, and graded stamps & coins on eBay... each and every evening at 6pm EST!

Do you have a collection you're looking to sell? Use our consignment services to ensure your items get true market value! We provide a browser-based tool for you to view all of your active and sold items on eBay, see the current prices, and many other reporting features to ensure complete transparency with your inventory.

About eBay

eBay has forever changed the collectibles landscape from traditional venues to online global access.

Hundreds of millions of transactions have taken place since eBay's inception that would have never taken place otherwise. Millions of relationships have been formed between buyers and sellers of all shapes and sizes from casual users to the most sophisticated market leaders and investment movers and shakers.

Several third party grading authorities in several collectibles fields from PCGS, NGC in coins, to PSA in baseball cards, and many more have established their own proprietary price guides and value indices. Evident in every report is the overwhelming influence of eBay prices realized on every one of these markets.

eBay is a leading global ecommerce marketplace. There are 180 million registered users world wide. 1.2 billion live listings. eBay is credited with a large number of world record prices in numerous categories from collectibles to transport.