Sell or Consign

NobleSpirit's commitment to excellence, expertise, and efficiency breaks from traditional consignment models to bring you directly into the process of selling your material with the most comprehensive and transparent state-of-the-art reporting system.

Upload photos of your collection, up to 10mb total.
Allowed file types are gif, jpg, and png.

Outright Sale

  • We are always interested in buying large holdings and estates.
  • We are eager to travel any distance to evaluate and make an offer with a view to purchase significant collections or estates.
  • We pay more, because we consistently realize the highest prices on eBay.


Each and every individual retail opportunity in your collection, whether it is a single stamp, set, country specific sector, topic, diverse group, or eclectic mixture will realize its maximum market value on eBay with our focused process on taking as many photographs as necessary to make 100% certain that 100% of your collection receives full exposure.

  • Direct access to 160 million potential buyers on eBay!
  • Over 120,000 satisfied customers in over 72 countries.
  • No other company has invested more in creating an infrastructure dedicated exclusively to optimizing your collection at its most granular level.
  • Assets to cash in a matter of weeks.
  • We incorporate the most transparent cutting edge technology, making you part of the process, and providing you with real time access to tracking and reporting information.
  • Check our prices realized: Use SMI, eBay, or the NobleSpirit website to see for yourself!

NobleSpirit, a well-established traditional family company, has been supplying stamp dealers around the globe for more than 50 years.

Our technology, coupled with a team of world-class professionals, has enabled NobleSpirit to lead our industry as the most professional online operations in the industry.

NobleSpirit manages entire stamp and coin dealer inventories for some of the largest stamp and coin companies on the planet.