Sep 3, 2019 - Welcome to our inaugural first issue - Innovation

GUEST COMMENTARIES BY: Henry Gitner Philatelists and Gary Posner Inc was launched on July 25th, 2019. 

We at NobleSpirit are most grateful to eBay for working with us to make this tool possible. We are thrilled by the growing awareness in the role that technology has already played, and the prospect of the many doors it will continue to open for traditional models in our industry. We are experiencing a major shift in a landscape that has been dormant for many decades. The future belongs to fresh ideas that can best leverage the opportunities innovation has to offer. There is no doubt that exciting times lie ahead in the stamp industry.
Here are some interesting data points that define the extraordinary rate of adoption. These initial first 4 week statistics indicate the value of this exciting new tool, the significance of the eBay marketplace, and the vibrancy of our beloved industry.
You will find some of the statistics from our preliminary sample sets quite interesting. Already technology and global access is vaporizing pre-conceived notions regarding age and gender in our industry. Join us in the months to come for outstanding insights and opinions by guest professional eBay dealers;and, many new and exciting revelations as our data works hard to uncover them. 
5 week statistics since July 25th, just 39 days ago:
  • Users: have registered from 62 countries!
  • Over: 5000+ searches have been executed on SMI in just 39 days!
  • Gender: of 100% of all Sessions: 45.85% Female: 54.15% Male
  • Age: 18-25=27.50%; 25-34=33.50%; 35-44=15.50%; 45-54=12.50%; 55-64 = 5.50%; 65+ =5.50%
  • Channel: Direct=52%; Referral=37%; Organic Search=6.6%
  • Devices: Desktop 57.5%; Mobile=27.3%, Tablet=15.3%
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Top 10 highest priced eBay stamp sales in August (Seller and Item):
Our 2 Guest eBay Dealers in This ISSUE:
This week on Ebay we have a great selection of US 1970s - 80s errors at really good starting prices Check it out! All fresh to the market with many seldom seen scarce issues!

Things have changed a lot since I started buying and selling stamps as a 16 year old in the early 70's. I caught the last gasps of Nassau Street in New York City without realizing how much of a change that was for the stamp business.  Today shops are almost nonexistent. Stamp shows are especially relevant when there are serious exhibits like the annual APS conventions. It was refreshing to see so many avid collectors and buyers at the recent show in Omaha and even more fun to see Warren Buffett visit. 
Today's stamp business is more and more digital with almost every dealer of consequence having an online and ebay presence. There are those curmugeons that say the Internet has ruined the stamp business. On the contrary it has revitalized it. So many ebay and on line sellers tell me they could never have imagined having clients find them from all over the world. It has made it so much easier for buyers and sellers to connect and to understand the market. 
I write a  stamp market tips column for a 25,000+ circulation stamp  publication Linns and many of the ideas for undervalued stamps come from really surprisingly high ebay auction realizations. Seeing immediate market trends in a pre-digital world was almost impossible. Today if you want to know how the China PRC or Russia market is really doing just check ebay past sales!
I am very optimistic about the stamp business, it's never been busier and those that evolve through the digital world will benefit!
We have been selling on Ebay for a relatively short time, however if we had known that the audience that views our offerings are very appreciative of our quality, our descriptions and of course our very fair pricing, we would have done this years ago.  Over the next few weeks we will be listing many lots that we fill will make our Ebay customers "happy".  Please check our site every few days for our latest listings.  Most items will be listed with the "Best Offer" feature.  Any "Fair" offers will be accepted.  We want our stamps to wind up in the collections of as many appreciative philatelists as possible.  Enjoy the hunt.
Robert Prager
Gary Posner Inc.
If this question had been posed to us 3-5 years ago we would have said that the future for the "Hobby of Kings" looked rather bleak.  Our outlook has changed significantly due to the incredible positive activity that we have experienced in the last year and a half.  We have seen "new blood" in the hobby.   Our "Stamp Show" business is up quite a bit and our Internet business,(Ebay and our web-site, has seen a remarkable up tick.  The business is now exciting for us.  Our buying is agressive in a "positive" way.  We are interested in buying F-VF stamps as well as "The best in the world" material.  In the last 2 years we have added many 30-40 something's to our client base.  Like everything else in life you get out what you put into a busness.  Our advertising program both in "Print" and "online" is working well for us.  Name recognition and reputation is everything!  Our reputation is all any company really has that contribute to the growth of that company.  We are no different.  "Bad" word spreads quicker than "Good " word.  Please understand we are not bragging we are merely stating what is keeping us in business for over 38 years. We appreciate our customers and we believe that the service and stamps we provide keeps us in their "Good Graces".
Robert Prager
Gary Posner Inc.
Next month, more interesting stamp data and statistics on eBay and more guest commentaries from professional eBay dealers.